The Story

Stress Less, Love More: The Story Behind the Mantra

Stress less, Love More is a mindset I cultivated and nourished when a series of traumatic events left me emotionally numb. Up until I worked with a life coach, I struggled with an eating disorder, lost two family members by suicide, and witnessed two terrorist attacks. I lived every day in fear of my next panic attack. Anxiety and PTSD held me in a repeated narrative where I believed I wasn’t good enough. 

One day, my life coach asked me what I love. After having to think long and hard, the one easy answer that spilled from my mouth was, “I love my dog.”

The unconditional love of my dog, my family, and my friends reshaped my perception of love. Love is acceptance of where you are. Love is the most powerful source of energy that can guide you out of the darkness and into the light.

Mission statement: Stress less, love more helps you maximize your full potential to achieve more success, happiness, and fulfillment by empowering you to reach your potental and live a healthier life.
Inside and out.