Stress Less Love More

Stress Less, Love More

This 6-week course teaches you new ways of reacting to stress triggers so you can shift into a mindset of love.  We teach you the tools to recognize and stop the “Stress Cycle”, mitigate daily stressors, and cope in a healthy way, so you can create a life of balance, calm, and positive attraction.  Simply put, Less Stress helps you experience More Love. 


The Mind, Body, Style Makeover 

Reinvent your Mind, Body, and Style for the life you want.
You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. "Edith Head "

How confident do you feel in the clothes you are wearing?
Do they make you feel ready for anything?
Or do you hope no one sees you in the clothes you threw on?

Making simple changes in your wardrobe can create huge shifts in how you feel about yourself and how you come across to the world. The right style brings out your best and leaves you feeling confident and powerful. 

From reorganize your wardrobe, home, life pattern, whatever you need to feel ready for your new direction. Together we identify healthy ways of thinking, new possibilities and create a style map for your new your new journey. 

This program does not have a set outline as each person starts at a different stage of their transformation and is good for both men and women.

Are you ready to get styled?  

Please contact me directly for more information.I can’t wait to style you!
- Danielle