Meet Danielle, CEO, Life Coach

My name is Danielle Vigliotti, a multi-passionate entrepreneur and change agent. I believe life is about finding peace with where you are. As a life and a business coach, I will help you rewrite your narrative as the author of your story instead of the character.

I am here to empower you to believe in your potential and create the life you want.

My story began when my life changed courses at 35 years old. I was living my best life in London as a top retail consultant in the fashion industry. The rug was suddenly pulled out from underneath me with the sudden death of my best friend—my Dad.

Within 8 hours, I went from launching multi-million-dollar European businesses to working as a salesgirl at Nordstrom in South Florida. I had moved in with my mother in a retirement community and traded the life of glamour to fight for the basics of survival so I could support myself and my mom.

As friends around me reached milestone after milestone, I was starting over. This abrupt transition kept me in a vicious cycle of anxiety, panic attacks, and trauma. I was repeatedly reliving my past in anger or fearing for the uncertainty of my future. With the help of a life coach, I was guided back to what I could control—the present.

Staying in the present allowed me to accept where my life was so I could move forward with creating a new story. I began to see the beauty of the simple necessities of life— love, gratitude, and compassion. My purpose is to help others see the silver lining amid tragedy so they, too, can rewrite their story, just like I did.

My experience growing multi-million-dollar businesses in the fashion industry have shaped my view through helping businesses succeed by believing in their potential. I use the same approach through life coaching. I help you see your potential and empower you to create the life you deserve.

My passion is to help you reinvent yourself by teaching you to embrace change and uncertainty. I believe our most challenging moments do not define us but are the turning point to a renewed life.

Let’s work together to rewrite your story.



Fun Facts about Me

Astroligocal Sign ?  Cancer 

Who would play me in a movie?   Rachel Bilson 

Worst advice I ever got?   Don't worry about money, you'll marry someone who can take care of you. 

What do I want to Stress Less About?   Retirement

What do I want to Love More?   The State of our World