Collection: Stress Less, Love More Workshop

Stress Less, Love More Workshop 

This 8-week workshop teaches you new ways of reacting to stress triggers so you can shift into a mindset of love.  I teach you the tools to recognize and stop the “Stress Cycle”, mitigate daily stressors, and cope in a healthy way, so you can create a life of balance, calm, and positive attraction.  Simply put, Less Stress helps you experience More Love. 

Get ready to be refreshed, encouraged, laugh, and learn as we learn to shift our mindset away from scarcity and fear into abundance and love.  At the end of this workshop you will have a renewed way of thinking, a tool box full of healthy stress coping skills, and a new support system to keep you on track. 

Fall sessions kick off the week of September 21st. 
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Classes will be taught in zoom groups. General outline below.  

Week 1: Introduction | Overview
Week 2: Understand your Stress Response
Week 3: Power in Perception
Week 4: Rebuild our Story
Week 5: Telling a Different Story
Week 6: Attitude of Gratitude
Week 7: Clarify your Vision  
Week 8 : Move into your Present

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