Clearing your Space | A Modern Guide to Smudging with Sage & Palo Santo

With information constantly at our fingertips and the rising panic of our current global health crisis, people are looking into alternative ways of wellness that do not rely on modern medicine’s quick fixes. There’s a rise and a growth of consciousness around energy and spirituality. We are starting to turn to ancient practices from cultures that live closer to the land.   What was once a tradition of the past, energy cleansing is on a successful comeback. 


What is Smuding?
First lets start with a bit of history, smudging grew out of the Indigenous populations in North America. It’s a ritualistic cleaning practice that uses herbs healing properties to shift negative energy of a space or person.  It can help alleviate allergies by purifying the air, boost energy levels and levels of cognition, reduce stress, improve your mood and quality of sleep. Spiritually speaking, smudging is thought to ward off negativity and toxicity to make way for positive new vibes.

What can you use to smudge?  
we recommend Sage or Palo Santo. Sage is derived from the Salvia plant family which is an ancient healing plant. That has physical, mental, emotional well-being benefits. Studies have shown that certain smoke has powerful  antimicrobal and antibacterial qualities, they can literally clear the air, improve mood condition and  cognition, and help ease insomnia. 

Palo Santo
I was first introduced to Palo Santo whilst working at Faena Hotel in Miami Beach and am now addicted to the uplifting, and earthy scent. Palo santo, “holy wood” in Spanish, is the harvested wood from palo santo trees which are found primarily in South America.  It can help with inflammatory reactions such as headaches and stomachaches as well as reduce stress levels but is widely used for its spiritual and energetic cleansing abilities as it helps remove negativity and obstacles and attract good fortune.


Step 1: Prepare your supplies and have an exit strategy
Grab your sage or Palo Santo, a bowl for the askes, long matches or a powerful lighter, the long BBQ lighters work well.  Get your tools ready and open a door or window before lighting up,  all that negativity (and smoke) needs a pathway to get escape.


2. Set your intention and say a mantra and set an intention. Intentions are central to the practice of smudging, take a moment before you light up and determine what exactly it is that you're trying to purify or release from your space. This can be a prayer or a wish that encapsulates the intention your trying to reset.

For example, I release the unhealthy energy which no longer serves the highest good of my family and friends, all who enter this space are blessed with health, happiness and wealth so they can achieve their higher purpose for the world.

It can be something you come up with that resonates with you. If you need a little help getting started you can begin by using this  "I let go and release what no longer serves me."

3. Light it up
When you're ready, hold the sage at a 45-degree angle, light and let it burn for about 20 seconds,  gently blow out the flame until you see orange embers on one end. The smoke should now billow up.

4. Walk around your space

Slowly walk around your space and allow the smoke to waft around, you can use a feather or fan to encourage the smoke to travel toward the open windows or a door, so it can escape.  Give special attention to areas in front of mirrors, in corners, and in spaces like foyers, hallways, and doorways. Don’t forget to sage your TV and Phone as that’s the primary source of panic inducing information.

5. Be safe! 
Always stay present! If you see little embers fall on the ground, tamp them out immediately. Never let the burning sage stay unattended for any reason. Also, take care not to inhale too much of the smoke.

6. Extinguish your smudge Stick

Once you're ready to extinguish a smudge stick, press the burning tip firmly into your fireproof vessel, dirt, or sand until the smoke no longer rises. Don't get it wet! Don't use water to extinguish the hot embers—it will ruin the tip of the stick and make it harder to light next time. When you are done using the smudge stick you can keep it until you are ready to use it again. 


7. Now that your environment is cleared you can place your stone in a visible place you can see every day. Enjoy and welcome in the new vibrant energy.


You can purchase out favorite smudging kit in the wellness shop. It comes with both Sage and Palo Santo and a stone of your choice. 

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