10 Powerful Words of Affirmations That Work

Why do words of affirmations work?

Science has proven smiling as an immediate effect on your mood by increasing dopamine levels. Positive words of affirmation work the same way for our brains. Our thoughts program our beliefs, and our beliefs direct our actions. When we fill our minds with positivity, we begin to believe in ourselves and move forward with love instead of fear.


What are the benefits?

As someone who has once suffered a series of panic attacks and high anxiety levels, I use this tool when I begin to feel a panic attack rising. By saying an affirming statement out loud, I immediately feel the edge lessen.

It is our choice whether we want to live a life through the lens of stress or love. When we choose to operate from an abundance mindset, we can let moments, good or bad, flow into our lives with ease. We begin to realize challenging moments are there to teach us something and good moments are there to teach us gratitude.

How do I create positive affirmations?

Start with creating a routine to practice positive affirmations. This must be done every day to re-shift our mindset to positivity. Remember, you are changing the way you think and elevating your vibrations. This takes practice and consistency.

My routine begins when I wake up every morning. I go through a specific set of affirmations based on what I need to hear to get me through whatever challenges I face.


If you are looking to shift your current mindset and recreate the reality you want, here are 10 powerful affirmations that will help set you up for success.


  1. I am love

You are worthy of love, regardless of where you are in life. This belief will push you to lead a life guided by love. When we let love into our lives, we can look at the world through a lens of possibilities. Love is strength. Love is faith.


  1.             I am strong

Even in your most vulnerable moments, you are strong. Strength is the courage to look inward and view your mistakes as necessary growing pains. Strength is the ability to make peace with your past to move towards gratitude for the present.


  1.             I am calm

Calmness is already inside of you. You just need to remember to tap into it. By saying these 3 words out loud, you will immediately fight off the stress cyclone before it worsens. Your breath will deepen, your shoulders will relax, and you will be calm.


  1.             I am successful

Reaching success starts with mindset. Believing you are already successful will quiet the voices in your head that say you can’t do it. You will begin to shed the blocks keeping you from moving forward.


  1.             I am capable of anything

You may not have all the answers or the tools, but you can discover the necessary resources to help you reach your goals. To feel capable of anything is to be open to what you need to achieve success. This belief keeps your mind open to learning and growing.


  1.             I am thankful that everything I do is successful  

Have gratitude for the process of becoming successful. Enjoy the journey, the mistakes, the challenges, and the life lessons of making your dreams come true. Having gratitude for the process gives you space to hold self-compassion when you feel doubtful of your future.


  1.             I am way doing better than I think

You are your own worst critic when it comes to evaluating where you are in life. This affirmation helps you self-reflect and zoom out. You are always doing better than you think.


  1.             I am resilient

The moments that define your character are how you rise after you fall. Resiliency is proof that your strengths were built from adversity. You are ready to face any challenge that comes your way.


  1.             I am financially abundant

Financial abundance is a mindset. When you channel this vibration, you will manifest opportunities for financial abundance.


  1.         I have the resources to achieve everything I want

You are willing to ask for help when necessary. The ability to ask for help is a growing experience within itself. Asking for help takes courage but is a vital tool you will need to achieve everything you desire.



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